The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness

     One day a man who was looking for happiness came up with the idea.
     - God must have a prescription for happiness. I’m going to him – he said.

     He walked for days until it encountered a lion.

     - Hey, man! Where do you rush? – He asked the lion.

     - I’m going to God the recipe for happiness – said the man.

     - Wait, I have a small request – said the lion. – I lost my appetite. Ask him what to do.

     - I’ll ask him – said the man and followed on.

     He walked until encountered usychający baobab.

     - Man – said the baobab. – Something big pinches me under the roots. Wither! Deliver me from suffering!

     - When I can not – said the man.

     - I’m going to God the recipe for happiness – he said, and walked away.

     Chased him begging Baobab:

     - Ask God what to do …

     Man walked on, until met a beautiful girl. The girl was crying. When she saw him, she said:

     - You could help me? I’m looking for a husband, because soon I’m old!

     - Nothing of that. I’m going to God the recipe for happiness. Before me a long way – the man muttered and walked quickly away. He heard the request of the girl to her name asked God for advice.

     Finally, he reached the place.

     - Hello – said the kindly god. – How can I help you?

     - Seeking a recipe for luck – said the man.

     - Mmm – she considered a god. – It is one step away from your nose. You just have to catch!

     The man was glad that happiness is close, and he remembered the lion, baobab and a girl. He talked about their troubles. God said:

     - Tell her she is beautiful and has the best heart. The first man she encounters after hearing these words, would be her husband. Tree say that under his roots is hidden the greatest treasure on earth. Someone has to dig him … A lion pass that if you eat first encountered the person immediately regain appetite.

     The man was so excited that it considered specifically the words of God. He wanted to catch luck, so he started to run. After a few hours encountered a girl who asked:

     - Hey, no, and how?

     - God said that happiness is right in front of me. Hurry to me does not escaped – the man gasped.

     - And you asked God for me? – Asked the girl timidly.

     - Yes – said the man. – God says that you are beautiful and you have the best heart. The first man whom you meet when you hear those words, it is an ideal candidate for a husband.

     - Wait – the girl said. – But it’s you!

     But the man replied:

     - Oh, maybe not now. I chase my happiness. But back when I catch them – and ran away.

     After a few days chasing met usychający baobab. This said,

     - Did you meet God? Did you find happiness?

     - Hurry up – the man gasped. – God said that happiness is just around the corner.

     - Did you ask me?

     - God said that under your roots is a hidden treasure. Someone has to dig him up and you will be able to drink.

     - Kop – said the baobab. – You’ll be rich, and to relieve me!

     - Not now. First I have to find the happiness that eludes me – exclaimed the man.

     Until he met a lion. Emaciated lion asked him in a weak voice:

     - Did you meet God?

     - Hurry up – shouted a man. – Happiness eludes me!

     - And you asked about my problem with gusto?

     - Oh, yes – said the man. – God said you must eat first encountered the man, and then regain appetite.

     And so the story of a man who was running for the happiness came to an end.

African Legend