Precious stone


precious stone

     Two friends met up with each other after a long period of separation. During this time one of them became rich and the other poor.

     They sat down together at the table and began to recall moments lived together.

     During the conversation the poor man suddenly nodded off.

     A friend in a fit of emotion, before leaving his house, he slipped into a pocket yet big diamond of immense value.

     However, when his poor friend woke up, he found he donated treasure and started his day as if nothing had happened.

     A year later, fate made the two friends met again.

     ”Tell me”, said the rich, seeing his friend again in great trouble, „why do not you have done good to the treasure that I left in your pocket?”.

     A similar event occurs in every interpersonal encounter. Living in the proximity of our people are giving us valuable treasures. But we are not aware of it usually.