Two Frends Story….


     Elder called Frank was 20 years old. The younger Ted was 18 years old. A lot of time spent together, their friendship has reached elementary school. Together they decided to enlist in the army. Before leaving, they promised each of the families that will be mutually watch out for each other.
     Luck favored them and they were in the same battalion. Their battalion was sent to war. It was a terrible war, amid the burning desert sands. For a time, Frank and Ted stayed about the camp, protected by air. But one day, in the evening came the order to enter the territory of the enemy. The soldiers under enemy fire of hell they came to a village. But it was not Ted. Frank was looking for him everywhere. He found his name in the list of the missing. He applied at the commander to ask for permission to search his friend.

     - It’s too dangerous – said the commandant. – I’ve lost your friend, I would have lost you as well. There’s sharp shooting.

     Frank, despite all gone. After a few hours he found Ted mortally wounded. Carefully he took it on his shoulders. Suddenly it reached missile. Superhuman effort, he managed to bring a friend to the camp.

     - Was it worth dying to save a dead man? – He asked the commandant.

     - Yes – he whispered Frank, since before the death of Ted said: – I knew you’d come.

This is what we say to God at a time like this:
„I knew God would come!”

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